Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hot Pink and Black Lingerie Shower......

These are pics from my friend Angie's lingerie shower I hosted on Saturday night. I've been preparing for this shower for a long time, and I'm really pleased with the end result. I love to see lots of pics from real parties, so I'm going to post a bunch. Many thanks to the photographer~~~my very talented mom!

Black feather boa centerpiece on hot pink satin linens

Floating candles and pearls in glass cylinders

Hot pink sashes on black chiviari chairs

The drink station

No caption necessary!

Votive holders that I made using ribbon, scrapbook paper and rhinestones

Very artsy pic of the sparkling crystals hanging over my kitchen island.

Another not so artsy pic of the "chandelier" I made with the left over crystals from my $6.00 clearance find at Home Goods!

Tower of treats for dipping in the chocolate fountain

Pink and black panties hanging from the black boa "clothesline"

Yummy chocolate and vanilla cupcakes by Velvet's Flour Garden. To visit Velvet's website, just click the link above.

I hope this post will help inspire others in planning just as I have been inspired by all of my blog friends!

Thanks for all of your inspiration,



  1. What an awesome shower! Everything looked beautiful!

  2. love the name on your punch! everything looks amazing!

  3. This turned out so pretty. I love all the little details!

  4. First of all....I love your blog! :)

    Second...this is one amazing party! It all just looks so pretty.
    I'd love to share this party on my blog linking back! :)

  5. Thanks to everyone on the comments. I enjoyed every minute of planning it and seeing it come to life! You guys know the feeling!

  6. Absolultely tasteful and beautiful with a twist of humor. Love that!!!

  7. You did such a great job! Everything looks so pretty. Love the chocolate fountain idea for this type of party. =)


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